Statement of profit or loss

pay special attention to the conditions that exempt countries kowshika from liability. There is several ways to specify the maturity of the loan, namely: • refund of the entire amount of principal and interest on FIC- fixed rate within a clearly defined time periods; • return of principal in a well-defined intermediate- Ki time, each of which set its own interest tion rate, i.e. In article 5 of the Law "On banks and banking activity STI" refers to banking operations and other transactions, but these concepts Tiya is not differentiated. The value of the intermediation function of commercial banks for us- successful development of the economy is that they its operation- TEW reduce the degree of risk and uncertainty in economic si system, accumulating cash and turning them into powerful resource investment. In Italy the role of the Central Bank increased by a hundred- stability of his leadership in the face of constant changes of government.

The fourth principle of operation of a commercial Bank is that the state may regulate its activity STI only indirect economic means, rather than direct in- the Kazi, i.e. 7. In many countries, direct government lending virtually ski is missing (USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Sweden, Switzerland) or legally limited. A necessary condition of fulfilling the role of an investment Fund is the presence in the state Bank professionals working with securities- mages holding a certificate giving the right to with- making the operations with the funds of citizens. Under the solvency of the entity understood the availability of the prerequisites for the loan and the ability of the who- exposure it in time.

The creditworthiness of the borrower is characterized by its accuracy in the calculations of previous loans, the cur- the current financial condition and prospects of change, capable of- STU, if necessary, to mobilize funds from various governmental sources. The government is interested in the placement of public debt- ha in the Central Bank, in order not to affect negatively the liquid- ness of the banking system, not to deprive the private sector of borrowed resources owls, not to raise interest rates. Such credit is are: • urgency; • repayment; • payment for. A key element of the financial system of any developed state STV today is the Central Bank, official conductor of monetary policy. Pedagogical programmedical are personalized and visual. When training is of great importance is the use of different peda- logicheskih of programmeusualiy and new learning technologies, such measures interactive learning. The legislation provides all commercial banks economic freedom to manage their funds and income. Tasks of the discipline "Banking" are: • to provide students with a certain minimum required theoretical- ical knowledge of the theory of banking and the banks tion activities; • to instill in them the practical skills to work in the banking sector modern Russian economy; • to plan for the future banking professionals the main areas of work of banks in the twenty-first century with regard to possible banking innovation, business banking, Internet, etc. But not all banking transactions on a daily basis are used in practice specific banking institutions (for example, running international settlements or trust operations). The number and types of other documents set specific creditor.